5 Untapped & Strategic Intermittent Fasting Tips For Extreme Fat Loss

If your goal is to lose weight fast and get your health back, then fasting is not only the fastest way, it’s also the most effective strategy around.

Ange Dim


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My advice is coming from a woman that has spent many years succeeding and failing with many diets.

I have gone through the paleo, keto, low carb, high carb, high protein, raw diet and many more (which I can’t even remember now!)

When you first begin a new way of eating, it can work well — especially when you integrate exercise with it.

The problems start to arise when those eating restrictions in diets becomes too hard to handle. If you mix that with too much cardio day in and day out, it’s a fat gain recipe for disaster.

I can say that with great certainty because it was the standard way of life for me.

After a great conversation with one of my best friends, I decided to begin intermittent fasting with her advice daily. I figured there was nothing to lose apart from my bloated belly, body fat and perhaps becoming somewhat healthy again.

When I started fasting, I also gave up the excessive cardio.

You can probably suspect that things go wrong before the good stuff starts to happen, which was the case for me.

If you’ve been dieting for a while, restricting food groups & exercising excessively, your body will probably go through a period of extreme resistance.

That means you won’t lose weight and in fact, you may look even more bloated and retain water more than ever. Let me assure you; this is all ok. I know that at first, you may feel that you made the worst decision possible — but stick with me here.

As I said before, after dieting as extensively as I did, and coming from a competitive background in which I was an extremely low body fat for years, your body will completely freak out.

BUT, it would help if you allowed your body time to recuperate and the transitional…



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