Embrace the lifestyle plan that works.

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Once you stop fasting and continuously eat during the day, you will gain the weight back quite rapidly.

If you think about fasting as a lifestyle plan, rather than something you do for a short period, you will have a much more successful time decreasing your stored body fat and keeping it off for life.

There are many other ways you can manipulate your diet to get great fat loss results. For instance, you can carb cycle, do a little bit of keto, and try a few specific fat loss strategies with exercise.

There are endless possibilities as to what…

So, you’re wondering how to figure out what you want to do with your life.

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I’ve stopped to ponder the question of what to do with my while.

I cannot seem to think beyond the last letters of the sentence.

Am I feeling a bit overwhelmed and uneasy trying to answer a question I have no answer for — the short answer is yes!

I had it all figured out in 2020, then the pandemic hit. I decided then, and there 2021 was going to be my year. I had it all planned out — I knew what I was going to do and how to go about it. Diligently committed, I stuck to my…

Our ability to lose and maintain weight lies in essential hormones that work for or against us.

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I won’t lie to you — the road towards controlling your hormones for optimal fat loss isn’t an easy one.

Can you get away with eating the foods you love all the time? The answer to that is yes and no.

If you are a very disciplined person, your road towards fat loss will be a lot easier. However, for most of us, we may be plagued with hormonal blunders, from negative nutritional choices or perhaps dieting for far too long. All of these can, and more than likely will negatively impact your ability to lose weight.

But that’s not…

Maybe it takes us women, a bit longer to lose weight — but here’s how to supercharge your weight loss progression.

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Have you, too, found that as those years start to climb upwards, the weight seems to accumulate as well?

I know the feeling, as I often tell myself that my body doesn’t look as it used to. But, for anyone that’s super fit, it can be quite a rude awakening of the fact we are coming of age.

I’m certainly not the type to accept my age -and I’m not inclined to believe we lose control of our bodies after the big 40.

Women have to work on health and wellbeing every day, and I suspect that the responsibilities of…

Nutrition is always key to weight loss — it’s essential to increase your capacity for eating the following foods regularly.

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I feel that I’ve been to the ends of the earth with my nutritional journey.

Most of my weight problems resulted after I finished up my bodybuilding career. I never really had a weight issue until I spent more than a year on the so-called “bodybuilder diet” and exercised like a maniac.

Unfortunately, the energy, stamina and drive I had were to win a plastic trophy.

The time, expense and effort in the whole process left me quite deflated in many ways. As much as I wouldn’t recommend people taking such a task on (unless they know what will eventuate)…

Are you afraid of dying?

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Death wasn’t something I thought about — in fact, I preferred not to talk about it at all. For me, it’s something that lingered in the background whilst I constructed the best way to live my life.

Death is something you think about when you are “older.”

It’s funny; you know that things you avoid have a habit of sneaking up from behind- waiting for that moment to change everything in the blink of an eye.

Sometimes, you don’t even get the chance to see it in the distance — or perhaps you’ve been ignoring it all along.

I’ll never…

All you need are these three things to get you started towards excellent health.

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Improvements to your health and wellbeing don’t have to be grand in scale — simple solutions that are realistic and easy to implement every day make the most significant impact in your life.

It’s so easy to become overwhelmed with hundreds of different hacks that improve your health.

I’ve been there and done that — as well as spending a tone of money. So now those half-empty bottles are where they belong — in the bin.

Maybe you are dealing with disease, stress or treatment of some ailment. …

Gaining muscle is a tough road for many people, and these small unknowns can make it even more challenging than it should be.

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During my 20 years of weight training, I began the journey unaware of much — apart from knowing I wanted to be lean but have a pleasingly toned shape.

I grew to love lifting weight, not only for how it made me look — but also for how I felt during and after the session.

Most women are petrified of gaining muscle yet want to strengthen their bodies and eliminate having loose skin as they age.

To that, I say, don’t be afraid of lifting to become more muscular.

Fortunately, women and men respond in different ways when lifting weights…

There are so many misinformed theories out there, and we all get sucked in at one time or another.

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Have you been sucked into thinking of different types of food theories and how they may or may not assist you along the weight loss journey?

As with many others, I’ve been subjected to several conceptual ideas throughout the years, and some have been backed by large industries — just using plain old endorsement to support the selling of their products and services.

Take Tim Ferris, for instance — when researching his latest book, he took it upon himself to try everything before commenting on anything practical — which worked for him. Now, that’s what I love!

It’s all about…

When we’re young, It’s hard to understand that life is short, fleeting and filled with ups and downs.

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I would change a lot of things now that I’ve lived and learned through the hard times and the good ones. They are reflections of regret and not relishing that one moment we’ve got.

Wisdom isn’t something you are born with — you cultivate it through the endless struggles you face in a place called — life.

It seems that we are all on a different path towards our greatness — or are we? What are we searching for on a day to day basis?

Our lives are overwhelmed with working — going home and having dinner, then starting it…

Ange Dim

My mission is to show the world that healthy eating, exercise and mindset is the 3-way combination to living your best life.

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