Embrace the lifestyle plan that works.

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Once you stop fasting and continuously eat during the day, you will gain the weight back quite rapidly.

If you think about fasting as a lifestyle plan, rather than something you do for a short period, you will have a much more successful time decreasing your stored body fat and…

You may not even know you are doing the very thing that can harm your health long term.

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I am super guilty of this!

Hands up, how often do you say to yourself (friends and family too) that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do anything?

We shave some time from here, there and everywhere — We want a few spare moments to relax, unwind and…

Baking soda isn’t just for baking — it’s excellent for your health

This cheap stuff does a few work-out wonders. Image purchased from Freepik.

You probably thought that baking soda was only valuable in your baking. Maybe you used it to clean certain things or for a sore stomach.

But wait, there is more to baking soda than meets the eye!

When it comes to cooking

Baking soda produces carbon dioxide when reacting to acid (like vinegar), creating bubbles…

It seems strange, but you could be over-exercising without knowing it

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Unfortunately, the world is forever drumming into our ears that we don’t exercise enough; we overeat processed and sugar-filled foods. Plus, sitting down for extended periods will shorten our lives.

So can we do anything right?

That’s enough info to stress anyone out to move ahead with a nutrition and…

We may mistakenly think these foods are safe — but they are wrapped in false flavour

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There are certain products on the market masking themselves to be a better alternative that saves time and adds deliciousness to our lives.

Although this might be true, the real truth is that convenience is sometimes wrapped in additives like refined sugars and excessive chemicals. …

It is said that protein is essential — but what about overeating protein?

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Usually, everyone seems to hate carbs, how detrimental they are to weight loss and the evil effects of overindulging in them over the years.

As a result, many people tend to adhere to a lower carb, higher protein diet, thinking it’s the best alternative for their health and weight loss…

Skipping breakfast could lead you to look & feel amazing

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Many years ago, experts were against skipping meals and not eating the required six meals a day. But, in 2021, we’ve come a long when it comes to dieting, maintaining an ideal physique, and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Who would have thought many years ago that skipping breakfast could be…

You can get fast and excellent weight loss results by doing the following three things for 30 days

Although there is no foolproof weight loss process, I have found that keeping things simple is often the easiest way to make weight loss a lifestyle habit.

The easier we make everything, the better it is to follow in our everyday life.

Like you, I don’t want to fuss about…

Time is a precious commodity, but even more rare when we don’t have enough of it.

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I never have any time for anything.

My day job is demanding, and family life can squeeze dollops from it too. Then it’s the side hustle as well, and some regular freelance work.

So it may seem that I’m always stuck on the computer typing or creating a masterpiece.


The biggest issue today is belly fat — and why it’s so hard to shift!

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

There isn’t anyone on the planet that wants a fat belly.

It’s not a good look, and it’s a dangerous fat that can cause serious health complications.

But why does it happen to most of us, and why is it so hard to shift?

Is it our environmental factors as…

Ange Dim

My mission is to show the world that healthy eating, exercise and mindset is the 3-way combination to living your best life.

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