A Complete Guide to self-forgiveness

Ange Dim
4 min readDec 13, 2020

This morning I woke up exhausted and completely demotivated to train. This doesn’t happen regularly, and it does get me down when the day arrives. In the past, I would push myself to extremes and get on with it. Today, I took a step back and decided that whatever energy I could muster, I was going to get some of the job done.

Going back about eight years from now, this would never have been my way of handling the situation, and I was guts and glory fool. What follows training episodes like this? Colds. Flu, injury and exhaustion. Who has time for those setbacks when life is too short to be lived in a sleep-induced state from training overload? I actually can’t believe I used to do this to myself.

The old strategy that plays in my mind is one in which you exercise till collapsing, to make up for the crappy food you chose to eat. As unhealthy as this is, you can bet your bottom dollar almost everyone in the gym is running this plan of action! Same goes if you’re going to have a big night out; the first step is to go to the gym, run or weight train for hours, then go home have a nap, and go to the party with an empty stomach eating like a queen! It’s sad but unfortunately true!

Please don’t lie, though as I know, you may have played this game before. Boy, it’s a challenging game to sustain — it’s almost not worth it for the non-results you get. It’s not worth it in the least!

Now, I believe that logically, we should get into our minds that diet is critical, and no amount of exercise will undo the junk food binge you had yesterday. But, as we all know, sometimes when those cravings take over, it’s mot at all realistic to be logical with ourselves — especially if we’re getting our periods!

So, let me tell you my strategy, which still brings about some fear, but also comforts as well. I know that diet is what makes me feel good, and what gives me the energy and vitality I need to be at my best. This is a large part of why I eat so well and don’t give in to the temptations. Wanting to feel that good every day is something that I love to aspire to because I know what will happen if I eat something that I’m allergic to, or will cause a gut upset. I’m either sitting the toilet for hours or in agony with stomach cramps — and then there are those allergic reactions I have! I have dedicated too much pain to eating poorly, and that’s what drives me to eat well. For some people, it works well when you are motivated by pain, but what about if you appreciate pleasure more? Well, that will depend on your motivational driver. Is it a great body, six-pack abs, being attractive to others, looking fabulous in a bikini? There are so many pleasure aspects that it’s really up to your preference. Whether you are motivated by pleasure or pain, you will use the key points to drive your daily decisions.

When you get a handle of your preference for becoming motivated by pain or pleasure, it will make it a lot easier for you to plan your goals and motivations behind achieving them. We have to work on ourselves daily, and it most certainly helps if we are driven by what makes the most sense to us.

Despite your goal & driving motivation, we have to keep in mind that some things which are out of our control. These factors can contribute to a delay in achievement, but this isn’t a reason to abandon your goal. Does it matter if it’s taken a little longer than you had anticipated? Did you suffer a set back from the covid epidemic that may have played a massive part in the delay? I know this was the case for me.

Having the courage to admit that it didn’t work, but you will keep trying over and over again, for as long as it takes, to keep striving for it, is the key. Self-acceptance and forgiveness for not adhering to that date, the year or the hour is your right. Life is always throwing lemons at us, so we have to run with it and make some sugar and gluten-free lemonade as our refresh.



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