Have your carbs and get lean too — here’s how to do it

Ange Dim
3 min readJan 15, 2021

Carb cycling can definitely become quite confusing. People often wonder how much carbs you should eat when you can, and what to eliminate when on a low carb day.

To get down to the basics, carb cycling is to eat a high, medium and low carb consumption during the week. This is dependant on how much weight you would like to lose, and how much muscle to build. Everyone’s goals are completely different, and I’m going to give you the basics of the carb cycling principle, and how I have used it throughout my life.


Carb cycling allows us to consume carbs during our training weeks still, to replenish lost glycogen stores. That means we can still train hard, not experience any cravings and keep moving forward without muscle building and fat loss goals. It’s very effective at keeping your physique in check.

You can have the option of going completely ‘Keto’ on your low carb days, as you will be consuming more fat than carbohydrates. The choice is yours, and I recommend regularly experimenting to see how you feel and what your body looks like when tweaking your nutrition.

Basic carb cycling weekly timeline

I’m basing this carb cycling strategy for someone that trains hard regularly. If you do not train, you could still use…



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