Five ways to cut calories without even knowing it.

Ange Dim
4 min readMay 13, 2021
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Cutting calories isn’t an inherently natural process, and I do believe we (and myself included) underestimate the calories of any given snack or meal.

Have you ever found yourself wondering how many calories something has, and when you looked it up, it was way more than you had imagined? You’re not alone on that one, and even the most experienced of us can get caught out on this one.

I really wanted to talk about the little ways I’ve installed some straightforward and sustainable habits which allow me to eat fewer calories per day and have the ability to ignite my metabolism and energy levels still.

But before we do go into this, I want to bring to your attention that as crucial as it is to make sure we’re not overeating, it’s just as essential to not under-eat for long periods.

This leaves us all lethargic and losing muscle mass in the process. I have balanced this by allowing one meal or two per week to be of higher calories. This is sometimes referred to as a “cheat meal” or a meal that you can eat what you like. Usually, for me, it’s something carb-heavy, but not unhealthy! I would encourage you to keep this in the back of your mind so that you aren’t polluting your digestive system with something that could cause inflammation and bring your body into the position of retaining water for several days. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get into some great tips on cutting calories without even knowing it.

Five ways to cut calories without even knowing it.

1 Eliminate the use of sugar in your tea and coffee. All those tiny particles of white sugar add up. Think of sauces, dips or any other processed foods. I gave up using sugar in anything about 12 years ago. When it comes to my coffee, I use stevia instead. For anything I may make, it’s a toss-up between honey, stevia and coconut nectar. There are so many plant-based sugar alternatives that taste wonderful. The best ones I’ve bought are from iHerb.

2. Cook at home as often as possible. Eating out leaves us susceptible to consuming way more calories than what we should. Do you know what is put into your meal? There could be hidden sugars in a special sauce or maybe some toxic cooking oils…

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