Four of the best, natural pre-workout sources you must use

Ange Dim
3 min readMar 10, 2021
Oats are my favorite carb meal

If you want to eat anything before a workout; it not really necessary. I would recommend leaving as much time from when you eat, to your exercise session. The more complex & intense your training is, the more time you should allow for digestion.

Having a stomach that is relatively full or still in digestion mode makes it hard to train correctly, and you may experience gastrointestinal discomfort, as well as the possibility of making several trips to the bathroom! Keep that in mind when you are working out.

You can have some great food alternatives before a workout that should not cause too many problems and allow you to get the most out of your training.

Four of the best, natural pre-workout sources you must use.

  1. Oats. This is my favourite, although it may be a bit heavy for some people. Complex carbs are a great way to fuel your workout. This is best eaten at least one hour before your activity to take advantage of the slow glucose release. Plus, it can be filling since it’s high in fibre. It tends to take a lot longer to travel through the digestive tract. One alternative is to grind your oats so that it’s a lot more manageable for your gut and help you get that energy source a lot faster. I also like to soak mine in plant milk overnight, making it softer and more creamy! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it now!
  2. Banana. If you are in a hurry and want something nourishing quick, go for the banana. They can instantly boost your energy levels. These are great to have during the day, too, especially when you hit the 3 pm slump.
  3. Coffee. If you want to hit the gym, don’t want to eat food, or it’s too late, then grab a black coffee. This works every time for me, no matter what day. Just don’t add any milk if you are heading straight to the gym. Make it black and strong.
  4. Protein powder. I love a good protein powder once in a while but prefer to have it after my workout. If I want to hit the gym during the working day, I won’t eat anything and have a protein shake instead. I love liquid energy because it’s fast-acting, doesn’t feel heavy, and sustains me during and way after a workout. Pick a powder that suits your training and also your body composition goals.

These are quite simple and relatively cheap. So do get to your local supermarket and buy them. All of these are portable, so you can prepare them the night before or carry your coffee in a thermal cup. Goodness on the go any time of day.

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