Green Lentil Curry

A good curry isn’t just for meat-eaters only!

Ange Dim
3 min readFeb 9, 2022


It’s time to make a curry tonight! Authors image.

I do love a good curry. It’s filled with so many antioxidants and flavonoids.

Herbs & spices make a plain diet like mine a lot more delicious and a lot less tedious, that’s for sure.

If you have food allergies, anything small can set off a chain of bodily reactions.

So I like to keep things simple, with minimal ingredients and items I can find in my cupboard.

I urge you to grab some lentils next time you go shopping.

They make a wholesome and delicious meat-free alternative if you don’t have gut issues.

For those who have a case of the farting monster when you eat them, try this:

  1. Boil them three times for about 10–15 minutes, draining the water and washing them.
  2. Put them in a pressure cooker, with garlic and onion — perhaps some stock and a bay leaf. Fry and then add a few cups of water.
  3. Pressure cook them for as long as possible. I put them in my cooker during the morning and turn it off—roughly after 7 or 8 hours when I get home.
  4. This will make digesting lentils a whole lot easier without the necessary bloating and farts that come with it!

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Green Lentil Curry

« Serves 4 « Prep: 10 mins « Cook: 30 min«
« kcal: 339 « Fats: 13g « Carbs: 42 g « Protein: 16 g «
« Gluten-Free « Dairy-Free « Meal Prep « Vegan «



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