Hello Lemetria

I love this post.

The point highlighted here resonates with me 200%

I made a mistake on Quora to publish rubbish and get as many followers as possible. It was not in any way driven by uniqueness or using my voice. Instead, animated, statistic and data-driven material was the churn and burn motivator.

Unfortunately, that leads to dud followers, bots, and people just in it for a free ride.

Going at it slowly whilst allowing your vulnerability to show through gently is the best way (for me anyway).

We're not all born writers, and many of us are dreadfully shy and scared (ME!). It took me years to come here, and I was envious of the beautiful pieces everyone wrote beside me!

Slow, steady and driven by pure genuine love with a heart of service set anyone apart from the bot or begger pack.

Well done with this post. I thoroughly enjoyed it and wish you a lovely Christmas and all the success possible for your future on this platform.

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