How To Be In Top Health (… and it’s NOT what you think!)

Is breakfast an essential meal for you?

Breakfast is such a taboo topic now because many people prefer not to eat it, whilst others swear by it.

I am a breakfast person, and I absolutely LOVE my first meal of the day. I fast every single day, and it can range from 16–19 hours per day. Breakfast is my non-negotiable meal, which I relish the most. That’s because I train in the gym in a fasted state. I have never been one to train after eating. It does not agree with me, and perhaps it’s due to habit. What I must say is that I have tried it before, but after the lunch meal. It still didn’t quite hit the spot as the morning workout in a fasted state. Perhaps that’s just how my body works best, as I can guarantee many people prefer to train after they eat.

The consensus for the best breakfast to have is always starting your day with protein. Now, that may not be the wisest choice if you have just lifted weight. I prefer to have a bowl of organic oats, add my protein powder, cinnamon and almond milk. Usually, that is right next to a handful of fresh organic berries. I absolutely love this breakfast, and I may change it up with some organic scrambled eggs, spinach and perhaps a piece of sourdough.

Your best breakfast alternative should always be a healthy one. Stay clear of cereals filled with sugar and processed ingredients. All your meals should revolve around whole foods that are fresh and nourish your body. I can’t stress this enough for people of all ages. It doesn’t do your body any service if you constantly fill it with junk. If you must have junk food, then save it for your treat meal, once per week. We all need this meal to keep us sane, but make your meals healthy for the most part.

If I were to pick between my oats and eggs alternative to the very best breakfast for anyone, I would definitely say eggs. Eggs are the complete protein, cheap and portable source of so many amino acids. I do love my eggs, but I tend to eat far too many, and although that’s not bad health-wise, it is if you suffer from allergies. I think it’s best to alternate your breakfasts always to have some food variety every day.

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Mission: Health is a lifestyle, not a fad diet — via simple nutrition and exercise + endless hacks along the way! Top Writer Status.

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Ange Dim

Ange Dim

Mission: Health is a lifestyle, not a fad diet — via simple nutrition and exercise + endless hacks along the way! Top Writer Status.

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