How to knock off your targeted body fat, in less than 20-minute intervals.

There is one fast, targeted way to shrivel down that lower body fat…

I wish I had a dollar every single time someone asks me “how can I target fat loss from my legs, stomach, back, arms etc”. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if we could diet in a certain way, and eat particular foods (and exercise specifically) to lose that stubborn and unmoving fat deposit that never seems to disappear! I hear you loud and clear guys. We all have this disadvantage (unless we are fortunate).

One thing is for sure; there is no real way, either dietary or medically. The best option you can use is through targeted fat loss surgery, which is very evasive. You can rest assured that fat is drawn out from particular problem areas — via small incisions in the skin. If you want to head down the surgical road, then this is probably your most favourable option.

I want to share a fat loss hack I experimented with during my competitive days. Back in my day of leaning out for a show, I would deliberately become banned from doing any form of cardio work. It was extremely detrimental to lose the muscle I was building. The saying goes (and is very real) the focus is on building muscle mass and leaning out slowly. Then, just before the show, we target those problem areas with HIIT. What I would do is get outdoors on hills and sprint up and down. When I couldn’t get out, I would sprint on a treadmill, alternating the incline. I was allocated 20–25 minute slots two times per week, adding a third one if the results were not moving forward. In between these sprints, I would be walking at a leisurely pace. That was the general routine until the show was over, and dieting could ease up quite substantially.

This strategy worked well, because leaning down my legs, has always been a problem. As a typical female, my stubborn areas were still the legs. From sprinting, I not only shaped my legs nicely but did trigger some targeted leg fat loss in the process. This puzzled me because science-based research is not one for a competitor to question. Therefore, I left it to that, and have been using my strategy ever since.

What it all boils down to is specific diet, using particular energy systems via exercise mediums, works well to target fat loss — not always from specific body parts, but as an overall aspect. There is no crucial reason why this would happen, but given that you’re using the largest muscle group to perform sprints, it’s inevitable your legs would change shape generally.

I always recommend that clients to take on some HIIT if they have quite a bit of body fat to lose. For those that are on the lean side, this should only become a last-minute strategy if you want to look a lot sharper. There is no doubt that diet plays a massive role in this — so don’t kill yourself with HIIT.

HIIT has always been an enjoyable part of my training. I love the competitiveness with my self and getting into the Zone. When you are going all out for a particular amount of time, there isn’t space for you to think about anything else (other than perhaps breathing). I think that’s why I loved it so much — getting lost in the moment, forgetting the world and your problems — what a wonderful place to be in.

This is why I love training so much. Your ability to get into the targeted “zone” is what gives you inner peace, stillness and complete trust in yourself and your abilities. People say that it’s the hormonal shift of exercise that creates a natural high — but I do believe it has something to do with your Zone of complete stillness on the inside.




Mission: Health is a lifestyle, not a fad diet — via simple nutrition and exercise + endless hacks along the way! Top Writer Status.

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Ange Dim

Ange Dim

Mission: Health is a lifestyle, not a fad diet — via simple nutrition and exercise + endless hacks along the way! Top Writer Status.

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