I believe we all have that psychic ability within us but most of the time choose to ignore it.

In 2021 I was getting signs and voices (like gentle nudges) to call my mum, go over her place or just to spend time with her. That voice would remind me that she doesn't have long on earth. Some days I thought I was mad, but now I know that these crumbles of love were being given to me, and most of the time I didn't accept them.

My mum was diagnosed with pancriatic cancer in March of this year, and passed away after a long and painful journey on August 29th. This will always be my biggest regret. I didn't listen, and it took this devastation to wake me up.

Now, I action everythig that comes my way, even if it seems stupid or I don't think it will work.

What other ways do you reccomend encouraging this gift to show itself more often?

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