I just LOVE this post and thank you for sharing it.

This is one of the reasons why I started writing for Quora instead of Medium. I was petrified that Medium was for the elite, educated and highly academic bunch. I'm definitely not one of them! I like to share my journey of dieting, fitness, weight training, and of course, my heatbreaking journey of my mothers cancer diagnosis. Sometimes I like to give tips on how to get the best from particular lifestyle plans. Other days I really just want to spill my guts because I'm going to lose one of the most amazing people I've had the pleasure of knowing. Thank you for giving the imperfect a perfect opportunity. Here is my profile & I do hope to make contact with you soon: https://a-dimos.medium.com/

Mission: Health is a lifestyle, not a fad diet — via simple nutrition and exercise + endless hacks along the way! Top Writer Status.

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