Is it really cheating — especially when it’s smelly?

No matter how much you cover — it’s still smelly!

Fasting can be comfortable most of the time, but it does have it’s inherent challenges. I know I always boast about how great it is, and I’ve not changed my tune with this one. But, some days it can be challenging, you know.

The worst days are ones when I’m not super busy and find myself wanting to chew something. It’s not usually because of hunger, but more so because I feel like having something. Lately, I’ve been paranoid about my breath (the dreaded keto/ketosis breath), and I’ve been on a mission to find sugar free mints. Now I’ve succeeded, but unfortunately, one mint turns into several — and my mouth turns into a cold furnace! Let’s say, I won’t be having a bad breath problem if I continue to do this, but perhaps I’m breaking my fast. These are the kinds of situations I hate to find myself in because they can turn into an obsessive self-analysis and guilt.

My snacking could be worse — I could have a coffee with coconut oil or creamer. We all have the little devices that help us get through the more extended transition of fasting & there is no right or wrong. When I first started, it bothered me a lot. Now, I can dismiss it, and I won’t even think about having dinner. I prefer to sleep well, with an empty stomach and peacefully. Some people might think it’s mad to go to bed without food — but I love it. My faux pass is mornings — I’m busting to have breakfast and boy, do I love my breakfasts big time!

Today as I write this because I’ve been searching endlessly on Google for a solution to my mint tic tac issue (first world problems!). I sit here and say “is this such a big deal after all?” Reality tells me it isn’t, and that I’m magnifying something irrelevant and straightforward. Of course, it’s not the best thing to have, but when you’re working or out and about meeting people (having meetings or greeting others) walking around with smelly breath isn’t the best idea is it? That’s as bad as body odour for me — it’s just not cool.

So, I’m going to go about my lousy breath keto issue and continue with the mints to mask it. Hopefully, it’s hiding it well — as my dog doesn’t want to go near me when I start having the stuff lol. I assume I’m all good in the mouth department when he doesn’t want to kiss me.

I truly believe, whatever you have as a fasting or weight loss goal, do what you need to and remember — there may be off days. Usually, those off days lengthen when we don’t eat enough, or perhaps been denied a treat once per week. I know I’ve not had anything because I wanted to save myself for Christmas day — and my sugar-filled doughnuts!

Whatever your little cheater device is — own it and then either be happy or get rid of it. There is nothing like going cold turkey, as challenging as it is. Don’t let foreign Tasties or the chatter between your rears ruin your sweet progress.

My mission is to show the world that healthy eating, exercise and mindset is the 3-way combination to living your best life.