Is your weight gain excuse a result of getting older?

Ange Dim
3 min readNov 20, 2020


Don’t you just hate it when this happens?

Remember how I mentioned several times in my post about weight gain slowly creeping up on you as you age? I want to touch on this a bit more today because I know this is a massive factor for a lot of people out there -,, especially women. It’s one thing I have heard through many conversations with several people. I don’t think I’ve even heard one person be honest and upfront about weight gain, and taking responsibility for it by admitting they have not been making the proper nutritional choices to get the results they want.

Are. you one of these people too? Have you been using the excuse of your age is a significant contributor to your:

• Excess belly fat

• Belly love handles

• Backfat

• Triceps fat

• Leg and bum fat

• or how about just general weight gain all over?

None of the above targets makes us feel good when they aren’t looking the way we want them to. For most of us, belly fat sticks out. When it does, it makes us look like we are pregnant — and perhaps someone has mistakenly thought you were pregnant (this has happened to me several times) or it creates you to dismiss the beautiful to you want to wear, in fear of the belly sticking out (and making you feel fat). And when it comes to triceps fat, (which so many women have admitted to me), having to wear tops that are just above your elbow to escape the triceps slapping.

Now, no exercise in the world can fix any of the problems above. I’ve tried to drum this into everyone’s head, for many years, and most people don’t believe me (honestly, I’m telling you the truth!). You can’t out-train a bad diet at all. I don’t care how heavy the weight you lift, or how often you go to the gym. You can be in there for a whole day, but it won’t directly spot reduce your most dreaded problem area. This doesn’t exist.

I know how hard this can be. It’s a road I took for many years, and I know many of you share that road and have been venturing onto different pathways. Some have had success in achieving their body composition goals, others are still finding their way, and most have stopped altogether. It gets tiring having to work out what’s going to make the most profound difference to your body shape AND your health. How many books have you read, podcast shows, and how many trainers have you spoken to about your particular issue? I know I’ve spent a lifetime on my challenges, and in the end, I had to figure out away. The best news I can share with you is that the solution is as simple, and we’ve been fed a significant influx of information overload to confuse us. No wonder nothing is working!

I’m so excited to write to you every day and share with you the experiences I’ve had. I know a lot of you out there are struggling, and it’s not only an external struggle but mainly an internal one. It can affect our self-esteem, as well as our health. I want you to know there is away, and the way is simple, and I can’t wait to tell you more about this over the coming weeks, months and year. I do hope one day I can connect with you, and do hope that these messages help you in some way.

All my love




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