Not all sugar is created equal — find out why.

Ange Dim
2 min readJan 8, 2021
Fruit contains natural sugar…

That all depends on what you use as an alternative to sugar after giving the awful stuff up.

See, if you are eating artificial so-called “fat or carb-free” sugar, and eating those day in day out, perhaps even drinking diet coke or lemonade. All of these discussing habits make us even worse!

Not all sugars are created equal, so we need to consider those as well.

We need some sugar in our diet every day, but what we don’t need (and have probably been doing for years) is eating foods that aren’t good for our body and health.

Natural sugars that are in foods like fruit or milk contain some form of sugar in them. This is naturally occurring (although with some brands, sugar will be added on) This is when you use your natural label detective eyes. One of the best ways to eliminate ADDED sugar from your diet is to always read the labels before deciding to indulge.

I always read every single label for any food I want to purchase. For instance, most of the almond milk I love have no sugar. But there will be a chance some days when I won’t find that particular brand, and I’ll have to go for someone else. That’s when I have to decide to go for this other brand, or wait it out and pick it up elsewhere.

Now, when you are trying to make your lifestyle sugar free, here are some alternatives to choose from

Four hacks that lead to stress & sugar-free lifestyle

  • Minimally processed, natural sugars are best (think of honey, fruit and veggies)
  • Use natural sugar alternatives derived from plans, such as stevia. You can purchase several different flavours, making it a lot easier to stick with your sugar-free plan.
  • Go cold turkey on the stuff — I know I most certainly did add it’s been amazing!
  • Eat more real food. Most of the time, I don’t believe we eat enough! Instead, nourish to fill yourself up too far.

The best advice I can give you on this one is always to pay direct attention to a food label before setting out to buy it. Think about the negative consequences of your life, body and health. Sugar is very dangerous in and of itself, and we all need to know how to equip ourselves better to lead the best life we can.

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