Seven Ultimate Food Combinations to Increase Your Weight Loss Efforts

Combining certain foods increases your nutrient level and your weight loss potential

Ange Dim


Photo by Brenda Godinez on Unsplash

Food is wonderful.

The foodie life wouldn’t be as enjoyable without delicious combinations.

I went on the hunt for the perfect food collaborations to ensure we can all take our health and weight loss a little further.

Perhaps you are at a point right now where are foods becoming a bit mundane?

I always eat the same thing, and after a while, it gets dull. Sometimes I wish for something more adventurous within my particular food choices.

Flexibility with your food is critical because deprivation begins slowly to set us up for future bingeing sessions.

Overeating makes us feel terrible; it’s also crucial to increasing our chances of developing the disease.

Excess weight isn’t ideal for anyone, and if we start to alter a few of the food combinations we eat regularly, weight loss will become a lot more effortless than we first anticipated.

Here are some delicious combinations that help increase your satiety and eliminate bloating and sustain your energy levels during the day.

One: Apple, peanut butter and cinnamon

The delicious combination here!

Peanut butter has plenty of good fats, helps you feel full, and is delicious!

Apples contain fibre and many other nutrients.

I find that apples help me curb my cravings for a sweet treat, and adding a sprinkling of cinnamon keeps blood sugar stable.

If you can master keeping your blood sugar stable, you will prevent spikes and plummets that can lead to overeating and, eventually, weight gain.



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