Someone I Loved With All My Heart Passed Away — Just Like That

One minute they are here — the next, they are gone

Ange Dim
3 min readJun 29, 2022


My beautiful baby boy is gone forever. The last image I took of Kokoti over the weekend.

One minute they are here — the next, they are gone.

Today I lost someone that meant the world to me.

Through my work meeting, I was inundated with many missed calls. I knew something was wrong.

Worst-case scenarios speed through my head — was my daughter in trouble?

When I finally called back, my daughter told me the bad news.

Our beloved toy poodle of 6 years had lost his life.

He ran across the street to greet one of his neighbourhood dog mates and was quickly met with a speeding car.

The car hit him and sped off (going 80k mph in a 60 km hour zone).

It was a school zone.

And just like that, he died instantly in my partner’s hands.

This wonderful dog of mine, who I referred to as my fur son, was my everything.

We would take walks together all the time; it was our routine.

He was also there during the worst time of my life — when mum was passing away from cancer.

The love of my animals is what helped me decide to go vegan this year. I wanted to make a slight difference in a world of animal cruelty.

Animals are innocent, loving and voiceless beings whose mission in life is to bring happiness and joy to ours. That’s their sole purpose.

And yet, someone speeding in a school zone area just got away with killing my dog.

I still cannot comprehend how anyone could do this.

I listen to Napoleon Hill every day — he gives me that push I need every day to keep going and strive to improve myself.

Finding the seed of an equivalent benefit in this is hard for me. However, I promised myself after mum passed away that I would always try to find the good in something that broke my heart.



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