Someone I Loved With All My Heart Passed Away — Just Like That

One minute they are here — the next, they are gone

Ange Dim


My beautiful baby boy is gone forever. The last image I took of Kokoti over the weekend.

One minute they are here — the next, they are gone.

Today I lost someone that meant the world to me.

Through my work meeting, I was inundated with many missed calls. I knew something was wrong.

Worst-case scenarios speed through my head — was my daughter in trouble?

When I finally called back, my daughter told me the bad news.

Our beloved toy poodle of 6 years had lost his life.

He ran across the street to greet one of his neighbourhood dog mates and was quickly met with a speeding car.

The car hit him and sped off (going 80k mph in a 60 km hour zone).

It was a school zone.

And just like that, he died instantly in my partner’s hands.

This wonderful dog of mine, who I referred to as my fur son, was my everything.

We would take walks together all the time; it was our routine.

He was also there during the worst time of my life — when mum was passing away from cancer.



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