Spicy Tempeh Minced ‘Sausage’ with Veggies

Plant-based minced sausage & baked veggies at their best

Ange Dim
3 min readMay 3, 2022


Flavoursome plant-based sausages with veggies. Authors Image.

Spices should be your best friend when it comes to flavour.

I avoid any vegan ‘fake’ meats as much as possible, as they contain far too many additives, and are pretty much a junk food alternative wrapped up in a healthy name.

Avoid them if you can, and make your stuff at home.

It’s pretty simple to make a plant-based meat-like alternative by using some spices in the cupboard.

Buy all your favourites and mix them up according to your dishes.

Try this out with your steamed veggies for dinner — surprise the kids!

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Spicy Tempeh Minced ‘Sausage’ with Veggies

« Serves 4 « Dairy-Free « Gluten-Free « Meal Prep « Vegan « High-Protein«
« Prep: 10 min « Cook: 15 min«
« Kcal: 433« Fats: 21g « Carbs: 39 « Protein: 33g « Fiber: 11 g

Flavoursome plant-based sausages with veggies. Authors Image.

What you need

For the tempeh ‘sausage’:

1 tbsp. olive oil

8 oz. (230g) tempeh



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