Thai Basil Beef

Dinner is sorted tonight

Ange Dim
3 min readJan 27, 2022


Quick and easy is my cooking regime—authors Image.

As the weekend draws near, I get even lazier in the kitchen.

I’m the head chef in my family, and I like to cook healthy foods.

But I find that quick and easy is the best option at times like this. Come to think of it; I think that’s my whole philosophy when it comes to cooking.

Do you have that much time on your hands? I know I don’t. I’d much rather be writing or in the gym.

I bring a bit of flavour from other countries in the predominantly Greek kitchen.

As much as I love the Mediterranian diet, it’s also nice to change up flavours and textures from other parts of the world. Thai food is amazing!

My daughter, in particular, loves Thai food, and I like to remind her that we can still have the same flavours but in a much healthier alternative at home.

So, get out your chefs hat and have a Thai kind of night tonight — or tomorrow.

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Thai Basil Beef

« Serves 4 « Prep: 40 mins « Cook: 10 mins «
« Kcal: 260 « Fats: 13g « Carbs: 10g « Protein: 25g «
« Gluten-Free « Dairy-Free « Low-Carb « Meal Prep « High Protein«

Quick and easy is my cooking regime. Authors Image.

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