Thai Fish Parcels

A bit of Thai infusion into your life

Ange Dim


A hidden surprise of deliciousness awaits inside this parcel—the author’s Image.

I haven’t posted any fish meals -and fish is one of the best sources of protein around.

Given I’m pretty much a vegan, there is still no excuse in posting other forms of delicious meal alternatives — especially one that’s low in calories.

When I was on my bodybuilding diet, white fish was vital in assisting me along the path towards a low body fat percentage whilst keeping me full. I also needed protein which is essential for anyone building muscle.

So, next time you are thinking about what to eat — why not cook up an excellent seafood dish of white fish, sealed up in a parcel with your herbs veggies and drizzle it with lime and lemon juice. I would add some oregano if I were you. It’s a traditional Greek herb that pretty much goes with every single thing.

Happy fish baking.

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Thai Fish Parcels

« Dairy-Free « High-Protein « Meal Prep« Serves 4
« Prep: 5 min « Cook: 30 min « Kcal: 474 « Carbs: 58 g« Protein: 49g

A hidden surprise of deliciousness awaits inside this parcel — the author’s Image.

What you need

7 oz. (200g) spinach

1 yellow pepper, sliced

4 cod fillets (approx. 12 oz./360g)

2 garlic cloves, crushed



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