The Truth About Weight Gain & Fasting

Embrace the lifestyle plan that works

Ange Dim


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Once you stop fasting and continuously eat during the day, you will gain the weight back quite rapidly.

If you think about fasting as a lifestyle plan, rather than something you do for a short period, you will have a much more successful time decreasing your stored body fat and keeping it off for life.

There are many other ways you can manipulate your diet to get great fat loss results. For instance, you can carb cycle, do a little bit of keto, and try a few specific fat loss strategies with exercise.

There are endless possibilities as to what you can experiment with.

For many people, abstaining from food is a tricky thing, but let me tell you this: once you start doing it regularly, you will never look back.

Your body will automatically stop feeling the hunger that was once unbearable to you.

I won’t lie. in the beginning, it’s very challenging to overcome. But with anything that we change in our lives, it becomes easier, when you practice it every day and stay consistent.

Eating more without realising

Just think of meal consumption in this way: when you allow yourself more time to eat, you will naturally consume more calories.

Sometimes, it will be more calories than you need — and at other times, it may be balanced or less.

The whole point of Intermittent Fasting is lowering your insulin so that your body can start burning stored body fat for energy — rather than resorting to what’s immediately available from food consumption.

Sometimes we can unconsciously eat more calories than we become aware of.

This is something to keep your eye on whether you do or don’t fast.

For instance, do you feel like eating something when under stress?

I’m a bit of a chewer, and I can get carried away with the art of chewing when I don’t need to. For me, it’s a comfort thing during times of stress, and it can get…



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