The underrated breakfast may be hindering your fat loss efforts

Ange Dim
3 min readJan 6, 2021
Is breakfast really necessary?

I was a breakfast advocate for many years, thinking it was vital to keeping your weight at an optimal number and eliminating fat gain.

When we talk about individual meals at a particular time of the day, it does not matter if you skip breakfast, lunch or dinner. The real question should be “what meal does my body feel it needs to eat more?” I ask that question because the notion of skipping breakfast is advocating a fasting diet, but consuming breakfast is not.

Because I intermittently fast daily, I choose to eat breakfast and eat lunch earlier but skip dinner. It’s usually a good 17–19 hours until my next meal (my preferred timing). Others tend to fast the opposite way, opting to skip breakfast and go straight into lunch at any given time.

The great thing about this method of lifestyle eating is that it can be suited to how you lead your life & when you feel most hungry. I can’t remember the last time I felt hungry at dinner, and I was always the one person who skipped that meal out of breakfast and lunch. Breakfast was still my favourite meal. I just loved the first point of nourishment, which happened to be my big bowl of warm porridge, with berries and cinnamon. It was the best meal because it was the first one after a hard workout. I still to this day, absolutely cannot skip breakfast, no matter how hard I try.

At one point, I did try to fast intermittently by skipping breakfast and forcing myself to eat dinner every night (really late mind you). I had all sort of problems sleeping; I was always anxious and starving! If only I listened to my body cues and just skipped dinner, it would have been something to maintain without too much effort, strain or challenges. That’s how lifestyle plans should be. It’s supposed to allow you to achieve your goals whilst being completely flexible with your lifestyle.

Answering your question about breakfast doesn’t matter what meal you skip, but skipping one meal a day will most definitely help you with your weight loss goals.

What helps your diet, is eating whole foods, giving up processed sugars, and anything with a label that contains different numbers. You don’t need those in your diet. In saying that, if a pastry is your cheat meal once a week, then so be it. We all need to be somewhat human at some stage, and having one treat won’t harm us. Just keep it to one, and save yourself for the next week ahead.

In summary, don’t stress about breakfast. If you aren’t hungry at that time, then skip breakfast and move onto lunch. It’s not going to cause you any harm, slow your metabolism or cause you to gain fat. The cessation of eating for a short amount of time is the ultimate fat loss resolution!

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