Three high ticket reasons why fasting is the number some diet lifestyle solution

Ange Dim
3 min readFeb 27, 2021

I can tell you so many benefits of the intermittent fasting diet that it just doesn’t end, and as you keep following on your journey day in day out in the weeks and months and the year’s progress, you’ll notice a massive change in all aspects of your life.

I’m going to break it down to let you know those significant aspects and the changes that have happened to me according to my goals and aspirations. When it comes to my health, longevity, I love training with weights and building my muscle. I find that that’s an essential thing in my life because it will help me with my health and lifestyle goals from my age now and as I progress to get much older. This is usually the time when most health problems start.

Three high ticket reasons why fasting rocks the diet boat off the shore!

1. Building muscle faster: I found with intermittent fasting works so well for building muscle. I never experienced this with eating six meals a day because I seem to build muscle more quickly even though I’m training in a fasted state. When you’re in a fasted state (and I’m not saying that it’s a calorie-restricted all that I am, you know, I am lowering my food intake.)

I’m generally eating within the window. When you’re fasting, you’re eating normally. I’m not restricting things; I’m also not overloading it either. I usually eat with my protein, fat, and carbs. Still, I seem to be putting on muscle, and that’s because now my body so in tune with my hormones which are balanced and my metabolism balance that I activate the hGH, which increases muscle mass.

2. I found it very challenging for me to put on body fat: Of course, when I eat a surplus or I may overheat or put on body fat. The difference is I find that it’s a lot harder when fasting every day to put on a lot of weight as if you were eating a calorie-restricted diet. I know this sounds strange, but because we deprive our bodies of so many nutrients on a restricted caloric diet, it makes more sense for our normal hormonal response to start backfiring on us.

My body has now found some balance between storing energy and using fat stores for energy. It works effectively; metabolism and hormones involved in that process are working in…

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