Three reasons why you will rebound after all your weight loss efforts

Ange Dim
4 min readJan 31, 2021

I‘m glad this has come up because it’s a massive problem for many people.

The rebound weight gain after loss is a common occurrence. There are a couple of factors that could cause this, and I will also highlight the one thing that always bites me in the backside!

Three reasons why we rebound after weight loss

  1. We start to become complacent about our food choices. This is a big one because when we are on a weight-loss roll, we decide it might be ok to have extra calories for breakfast, snacks and the like. Over time, this can amount to extra calories we don’t need that start appearing as body fat. If you can be honest with yourself and catch it early, you won’t have a problem getting back to the basics again. Remember always to check in regularly, but not become obsessed with it by any means.
  2. We get lazy when it comes to exercise. This is a big one too, and I can become guilty as well. When we start our weight loss journey, things are great because we always put in that extra effort every day. When the weight comes off, and we start looking the way we want, the laziness starts to set in. We may skip a workout, do a lot less incidental exercise or spend more time away from doing something active than what we should. Although it is a good idea to scale back on your exercise volume, it’s not ok to dismiss exercise continuously. We need to stay active for continual body weight maintenance, but we have to think about training quality, rather than quantity. Lifting weights is a far better option than endless cardio. Building muscle gives you a metabolic edge over others. Incidental exercise is fantastic, so is walking. These are easy to do several times a day, without a lot of thought. If you have an iWatch, always keep your activity tracker within your reach. Monitor steps and activity levels. Allow this to keep you accountable. I use it every day, and it’s a great tool to keep me engaged in achieving my goals.
  3. Cheat meals turn into cheat days. This is dangerous territory here, and many factors can bring it on. I always tell clients that a cheat meal is essential, as it helps eliminate cravings and give you a well-earned break from clean eating daily. But when these meals become full days, we have a significant…
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