Top Three Secrets I used For Long Term Weight Loss

They are simple but may not be that easy to do

Ange Dim
6 min readApr 5, 2022


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My secret to long term, consistent weight loss and maintenance don’t fall into one category — as most people might assume.

Instead, it’s an accumulation of things I have uncovered during my many years of trying and failing.

Every time I fell, I didn’t know how to get back up.

But, I had the belief that one day, eventually, I would run out of things that don’t work, and then the right way would appear.

But weight loss is never linear.

It doesn’t run in a smooth line as clear as day.

What works for one person may fail for another.

So perhaps you can extract something new for this, which could be one of the many things you may need for successful weight loss.

Sure, you must take in fewer calories than you consume.

But, that has not worked well long term for me. It had to be a part of the weight-loss toolbox — but not the overall strategy.

I have exhausted the list of secrets here by no means — it’s a step that I took and had been working well so far.

Perhaps in my 50’s or 60’s, it will not, then I may need to tweak something.

What worked in our 20’s may not apply to our 30’s and beyond.

Our bodies begin to age, we become a lot less mobile, and brewing health conditions manifest.

It’s easier to change when you have a baseline starting point as your life progresses.

I can share three essential strategies I have used which made a big difference in my body’s ability to lose weight, keep my health in check and maintain those results that I see as important.

We all have different goals to achieve, and the starting line is…



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