What You Probably Should Know About Effort & Reward by Now, but Don’t

Ange Dim
3 min readNov 22, 2020


We must be consistent with our eating, give our food plan time and practice patience.

Are you the kind of person who wants results straight away, even when it’s only been a week or two of effort?

I’m glad I’m not alone when it comes to “wanting things to happen right now!” There comes a state in our weight loss journey, when the results are next to none, and that little voice in our head tells us that it’s not working. “This is not going to work for me”, and “ I can’t be bothered with all the constant effort I am making.” Has that ever happened to you as well?

Let me tell you my story when it comes to results. Every single time (without fail mind you) I take on a fat loss or body composition journey, I kid you not, it takes me a minimum of 3 months to see results! Please understand that I’ve been on various diets all my life, and I’ve always been this way. It doesn’t matter if I’m in my 20s or now in my 40’s, it’s still the same. I know I have to make an effort consistently, every day, and it will take a minimum of 3 months to see only one small result via my weight, my muscle mass and the leanness of my physique. Is it frustrating -YES — does it take a lot out of me — YES!

This is why I sometimes get very frustrated with people who exercise and eat consistently for a couple of weeks, then proclaim their efforts aren’t getting them anywhere. It takes time guys — and that time can be shorter or longer for each person, depending on your body weight, metabolism and your genetics. That’s why I always make nutrition a “lifetime habit” not something that you do for a couple of months, and divert to your regular eating pattern. It doesn’t work that way. Nutrition needs to be a lifestyle habit — and you need to stick with your nutritional plan 80% of the time. A day saved to have a treat meal is essential — or perhaps you want to go to a restaurant once per week, and have a rich meal. This is all part of the lifestyle plan, and when you have a structured routine of eating, these added elements don’t inhibit your goals. BUT, when you frequently indulge every single day, then we may have a problem.

We will never experience our full potential if we don’t practice some form of patience. It takes time and effort every day. It’s one meal at a time, one workout and one day at a time.

I like to share with you a compelling quote about sowing and reaping. There is a time for both, but they do not EVER happen together. We have to sow (make a massive effort) a lot more than we reap (get the results we want) — but when we keep sewing (making an effort), there will come a time and day, that’s out of our control, where we reap the actions of our hard work. No one knows when that will be. It may be one month, three months, 6 or 12 months down the track. The journey is what shapes us, and it’s who we become along with that journey that’s the most rewarding.

So next time you think it’s taking a while to achieve your goal, sit back and remember that your time will come, and you need to put in the effort, no matter how tired you are, because your time of reaping will come, and when it comes, it will be awesome. Don’t live in regret of the effort you could have made. Make it now, and keep going.



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